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1930 Ford Model A Roadster

1930 Model ‘A’ Roadster being unloaded for a complete frame-up restoration.
Vehicle had an unauthentic “messtoration” performed back in the 70’s.
The vehicle being disassembled where the parts will be ‘bagged & tagged’ prior to inventorying.
The body is installed on one of our specially constructed rotisseries and being media-blasted.
Patch panels are often fabricated in-house by our craftsmen to insure proper shape and fit.
A template is used to assist the accurate installation of the new rumble rain gutters.
The body is installed on our body alignment jig to ensure panels are replaced within factory tolerances.
This body has been treated with an anti-corrosion acid and all bare areas are epoxy coated.
Bodyworking the sub-rails and floor pans.
The special body rotisserie allows the bodywork to be done efficiently saving the customer money.
Project 2 image 11
Top quality materials used by our craftsmen to ensure paint jobs that last a lifetime.
The trim color has been applied and taped to protect the finish prior to spraying the main color finish.
Polishing the concours-quality finish on the PPG single-stage urethane Washington & Riviera Blue paint.
Spraying the body aprons, running boards, and front fenders in our spray booth.
Notice the paint finish on the front fenders prior to color-sanding & buffing.
The front fenders ready to be installed.
The frame has been straightened, rivets tightened, and ready to assemble.  All restored parts & sub-components are shelved in preparation for assembly.
The Frame and chassis parts have been powder painted Black for years of durability while driving and easy clean-up afterwards.
Rebuilding the Rear Axle Assembly’s differential.
The completely rebuilt Rear Axle Assembly with a high speed gear ratio.
Assembling the Model ‘A’ running gear.
Assembling the Model ‘A’ running gear.
Engine has been rebuilt and painted.
Straightening spokes prior to being installed on our wheel straightening machine.
Powdercoating the wheels in Tacoma Crème.
Close-up shot of the bare powder on the Model ‘A’ wheel prior to baking.
Assembled chassis ready to have the Roadster body installed.
Removing the body from the rotisserie and installing it on the chassis.
Fenders are installed and ready for the upholstery installation.
Installing upholstery panels.
Backrest installation.
DeLuxe top irons & bows ready for material to be installed.
Installing top pads.
Project 2 image 35
Project 2 image 36
Finishing final details on the restoration.
Project 2 image 38
Model ‘A’ Engine compartment
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